Caribbean Rhino Spa

  • Fully portable, self-contained spa (jacuzzi) unit (move friendly).
  • Galvanised, steel frame and marine plywood cladding.
  • A comfortable, 3-person, combination luxury lounger and two hot seats spa, with a variety of hydro and pulsating hot air jets, for an all over body massage.

Our Rhino Spa Range is versatile, and built and engineered to last for years and perform at optimum efficiency. As a free-standing unit, their graceful lines and majestic shapes allow them to blend into the natural surroundings of your home or garden.

Regarding aesthetics the Rhino Spa also allows the option application of a built-in look, without the loss of its self-contained feature advantages.

  • New Eco enhanced unit with:
    Polyurethane foamed base
    Aerolite Insulation (Think Pink)
    LED water surface String lights
  • Re-enforced, Sanitary Grade Cast Acrylic Shell
  • Three Motor System
    • 1.1 kw Spa Booster Jet Pumps
    • 27 w Silent Hydronic Pump (Independent Heating Cycle)
    • 1.1 kw Hot Air Blower
  • Full Electrical Box
  • Automatic Heating and Filtration – Digital Controller
  • 4kw Hard Water Element with Stainless Steel Heater Casing
  • 2 x Underwater Lights
  • Total of 43 Massage Jets
    • 3 x Magnasafe Rotating Jets
    • 14 x Mini Jets
    • 2 x Direction Neck Massage Jets
    • 24 x Patented B&M Jets
    • Luxury Lounger
      • With 6 Mini Jets and 2 Directional Neck Massages
      • 2 Magnasafe Rotating Jets (Feet or Lower Back)
    • Two Seats
      • One with 4 Mini Jets and the Other with a Magnasage Jet
  • Foot Massages
  • Ozone Jet
  • Separate Heating Jet
  • Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Frame
  • Meranti Wood Cladding
  • 25sq ft Cartridge Filter
  • Bottom Drainage System
  • Polyurethane Foam Bottom
  • Insulated Sides
  • Ozone Generator
  • Spa Blanket

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