Spa Repairs

Frequently Asked Questions – Troubleshooting

  • Why does the circulation pump make a noise?
  • Why doesn’t the circulation pump work?
  • How do you remove an airlock?
  • Why does the spa not heat up at all?
  • Why doesn’t the spa heat up to the right temperature?
  • Why does the spa overheat?
  • Why does the element overheat?
  • Why does the electricity trip at the main box?
  • How do you check if the contactor is faulty?
  • Why doesn’t the light work?
  • Why don’t the bellows work?
  • Why doesn’t the jet pump work?
  • Why don’t the jets work?

Spa Repair guide

  • How do you change the heater element?
  • How do you change the contactor?
  • How do you fit a new timer?
  • How do you fit an ozone generator onto an existing spa?
  • How do you change single phase to 3 phase?
  • How do you replace a pool light?
  • How do you replace the transformer?
  • How do you change a 2-way switch?
  • How do you change a 4-way switch?

If you have any of the above questions, please contact Superior Spa.

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