Saunas, Steam rooms & Decking

Sweating is good for you

Forced sweating or heat stressing is very good for you. No matter your preference steam room vs sauna, both great ways to do this. Using either a sauna or a Steam Room is a form of heat stress or acclimation. The type of heat you are exposed to differs and can be just your preference. The health benefits of each varies in different degrees.
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Professionally installed decking offers you an outdoor/indoor lifestyle, whilst adding style to your space. Relax & enjoy your indoor/outdoor experience, knowing you are adding value to your property/business. You can choose to use the latest Composite Decking material from Eva-Last or choose the natural wood like Balau, Garapa, Massarandduba etc. We will provide a schematic diagram of your proposed deck, without obligation, after initial consultation, to ensure we fulfil all your individual needs & requirements. Only superior quality materials are used to provide a safe, hard-wearing deck, pergola, gazebo, steps & balustrades. Only top quality Wooden decking with natural wood – Balau, Ipe, Saligna, Garapa, Massarandduba etc


Enjoy the feel of a traditional sauna, customised to suit your individual needs and requirements. Our design, manufacturing, engineering and installation team is fully trained to the highest standard, ensuring the best quality workmanship. All our commissioned work is managed from start to finish, for full turn-key product delivery, commissioning and handover to client.

Our quality workmanship extends into our after sales service.


  • Alleviating arthritis pain
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Helping with respiratory disease – alleviating chest congestion
  • Detoxification – sweat out toxins and activate the immune system
  • Weight loss – speed up your metabolism
  • Clearing up your complexion
  • Relaxing way to ease the body and mind
  • A hot sauna and a cold plunge along with massage can help the body eliminate carcinogenic toxins

Technical Aspects

  • Custom-built to suit a space and specifications.
  • Standard doors / glass doors (available with glass frontages).
  • Imported sauna specific materials used in construction.
  • Ovens can be either conventional, with rocks, or duo range, which also steams and greatly enhances the percentage of relative humidity in your sauna. The higher the percentage humidity the more therapeutic to the body and skin.
  • For inside saunas – cladding, rhino board, mirrors or Tongue and Groove wood can be used on the exterior of your sauna to fit in with the aesthetics of your environment.


Construction: Wood
Panelling / Glass

Heat Source: Rock/ Electric Stove

Temp: Dry 71°c – 93°c

Humidity: 5 – 30%

Steam Room

Steam Rooms / Steam Showers

The benefits of steam baths have long been established. With the latest technology, you too can enjoy a relaxing steam shower in your own home that will enhance your health and well-being. Steam showers can be installed into an existing bathroom or autonomous steam shower room. We use toughened glass for doors, sides and frontage to meet your individual needs and requirements. Our steam showers are all digitally controlled for domestic or commercial use, inclusive of preset settings for economical running. Specialised suspended epoxy-coated aluminium ceilings are fitted to accommodate any design, inclusive of your personal lighting effect.


  • Unlike the dry heat of a sauna, the steam shower provides a warm, moist atmosphere which is known to improve certain medical ailments such as asthma, rheumatism, bronchitis, gout, muscle strains and blood circulation disorders.
  • Steam has a cleansing effect on skin by opening the pores and releasing toxins. After steam therapy, the skin looks and feels smooth and soft which promotes a healthy complexion.