Why buy a Superior Spa?

As market leader in the area of hydrotherapy, Superior Spa offer not only innovative products, which stand out through their superior quality, but a variety of easy to handle shape, size and model spas, with economical heating, wide angled or LED lighting and extended guarantees

Large Variety of Models

There are a variety of Superior Spa models to choose from, and prices are not determined by the size or shape of the shell but in accordance with the class/model of the spa. Spa models manufactured and distributed by Superior Spa & Bath are either Acrylic or Rhino Supreme shells, and range from a one to four pump system. Offer jet configurations from the standard five Fully Adjustable hydro jet and Air Line system to the exclusive Rhino range, with its variety of Rotating, pulsating, adjustable hydro jets, a powerful blasting jet as well as B&M jets (Bath & Massage pulsating hot air jets)

Extended Gaurantees

Superior Spa & Bath (Pty) Ltd. Guarantees apply on a “Carry In” basis
  • 7 to 10 years on the shell – Manufacturing defects
  • 2 to 3 years on jet pumps
  • 1 year on all water tight components
  • 1 year on electrical (except element and globe)

Economical & Efficient Running Costs

When purchasing a spa one has two costs to consider. First is the initial outlay but most important are the running costs that follow. Our innovative heating system consists of a small hydronic motor that is quick, economical and most effective. Together with multiple heating timer it allows the opportunity to keep spa water at a constant heat of your choice, so your spa is always ready to use.

This privilege will cost far less per month in electricity, compared to a small fortune on a standard system available on the market today. The under base of some models are foam filled with polyurethane insulation, and the sides lined with isotherm, ensuring that motors, pumps and heater operate less, allowing longer equipment life and lower electricity costs.

Maintenance & Service

Superior Spa and the bath factory have its own service division to cover guarantees and also have Selling Agents throughout the country, each with their own service division to provide you with the ultimate in after sales service.

Underwater Lighting

All Superior Spas are standard with an underwater light. Manufactured with a wide angled lens for most effective light disbursement. The lens is moulded to the shell with easy access to an interchangeable energy saving globe, from the outside. LED string Surface Lights are also available.

Top Skimmer

Our Rhino Executive model spas host a second filter with dual filtration on digital time settings. The top skimmer removes body oils and dead skin from the surface of the water while the bottom filter polishes the water. The top skimmer also assists to eliminate the dirt ring, which may form above the water line.

Jet Sets

Rhino spas incorporate a variety of jets, which could be used independently or in combination allowing multiple massage options to match your mood. Rotating jets swirl your stress away, Adjustable jets hit the spot with just the right intensity, while pulsating air jets provide head to toe passive massage. Each jet performs an important role stimulating your body with a variety of sensations, ranging from a subtle tingle to an invigorating deep hydro massage.

Pumps and Motors

Dedicated hydro master jet pumps maximize energy efficiency by performing the dual roles of producing the most powerful water flow through a variety of jets, while at the same time utilizing the built in filtration system to ensure crystal clear water.

Rhino Supreme Spa Shell

Our Rhino Spa’s high impact, 10mm thick shells, are vacuum formed as single units to ensure that even after years and years of service under water, the solid surface can never de-laminate, and because it is UV stable, will not fade. This material robust and has excellent heat retention properties.

Key features of a Rhino Supreme Spa Shell

  • PMMA-capped ABS
  • 10mm Thick solid materiel
  • Good heat retention
  • High-Gloss polished finish
  • Strong and Durable
  • Scratch-resistant exterior
  • Excellent impact strength and rigidity
  • Suitable for outdoor
  • UV resistant and highly weather able


With a Superior spa all filtration and heating is automated. Your spa will heat and filter at your chosen times regardless of your whereabouts.

You are in control when it comes to setting of water temperature and filtration cycles. Some models feature an illuminated temperature and time display with touch pad controls to set water temperatures and filtration cycles to coincide with your spa usage.

There are no complicated programming instructions and in the event of a power failure the spa will resume the heating and filtering functions, you selected before the power went out, eliminating the hassle of reprogramming. You only have to correct the time.

B&M Spa Jet System of Superior Spa & Bath

Our patented Bath & Massage (B&M) Jets provide a passive head to toe massage. The B&M System consists of genuine pulsating hot air jets, (not just an airline of capped holes), and runs on a separate silent, hot air blower motor. These jets were originally designed for Superior’s baths, but are so effective in improving blood circulation and combating cellulite that they are now installed in almost all our spa models

Unique Hot Air Blower

Superior Spa manufacture their own innovatively developed warm air silenced blower. We are the exception as Other air blowers in the spa market blow cold air which in turn cools your spa water down, and they are extremely noisy with a very high pitched zinging sound. Again a Superior Spa blower is silenced so it is only the noise of the bubbling water which may be heard and not the high pitched zing of the blower motor.

Specialise in self-contained/fully Portable spa units

Being their forte Superior Spa have a large range of fully portable self-contained spas. The jetted shell is mounted to a hot dipped galvanized steel frame with wood or other cladding.

All equipment is bolted to the frame underneath the spa shell. With a standard 4 to 6 person spa measuring 1900 x 2000 x 770mm, it conveniently fits through a standard doorway. This concept also allows for the most effective & efficient usage of a spa. The only connection between your spa and your home is the electrical cable. (With no effort your spa may be moved from one home to another or to a different position within your home).

No additional plumbing or drainage required. However, for aesthetics these models also allow for an application of a built in look without the loss of their self-contained efficiency advantages.